Discover which SL+ Products are Right for your Project

SurfaceLiner+ offers Swiss-made protection solutions for both indoor and outdoor, temporary and long-term applications. Our products are reusable, made from highly durable materials that protect surfaces from mechanical damage and liquid spills, while maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.  Not sure what you need, or how it fits into your budget? Get in touch below.


Vapor is a breathable protection solution, made with a vapor-transmitting, highly durable non-woven that can be used on newly finished floors, stairs, countertops or any surface where moisture needs to breathe, while still preventing liquids and other unwanted debris from penetrating and damaging the surface underneath. Learn more.

AllProtect Original

ALLProtect is a padded, highly absorbent, extremely durable (reusable) protection solution for heavy-traffic areas on floors, stairs, and elevated surfaces. The self-stick backing allows for a quick, easy, one-man application, an exact, edge-to-edge fit on vertical surfaces and stairs, and a non-slip work surface even when wet or greasy. Learn more.

ALLProtect Red

ALLProtect Red is a highly visible protection solution designed to improve the safety and preventative risk standards on any job site. This is the same product exactly as ALLProtect Original – a highly absorbent, padded non-woven that is impermeable to harsh chemicals with a self-stick backing that is easy to apply and creates a non-slip surface. Learn more.

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