SurfaceLiner+ began supporting the Building industry twenty years ago when we first brought Landolt’s Swiss-made protection to the U.S. for use on wood floors and stairs. Increasingly, protecting surfaces is a challenge for builders who today more than ever need job-site surface protection solutions with padded, flexible, durable, waterproof, long-lasting and reusable products.  

We now offer two product lines: 1. Vapor breathable rolls for newly finished wood, tile, concrete, stone surfaces that will allow the surface underneath to still breathe and cure while covered, saving builders’ time from unnecessary rework at the end of the project. 2. ALLProtect grey padded rolls can protect vertical and outdoor surfaces, like kitchen cabinets, stainless steel, doors, windows, stairs, entry-ways and hallways that need protection for short (weeks) or long-term (months) on the job site. 


Job Site Solutions


Vapor breathable floor and stair protection
Vapor breathable for Floors, Stairs and Countertops

Vapor is a breathable surface protection for newly finished floors, stairs, counters and more — to prevent liquids and other unwanted debris from penetrating and damaging the valuable surfaces underneath while allowing for moisture to breathe and not leave a residue. Learn more

ALLProtect Original

Allprotect Original Grey Roll
Allprotect padded, absorbent, non-slip mechanical protection

ALLProtect Original is a padded, highly absorbent, extremely durable (reusable) protection solution for heavy-traffic areas on floors, stairs, and elevated surfaces. The self-stick backing allows for a quick, easy, one-man application, an exact, edge-to-edge fit on vertical surfaces and stairs, and a non-slip work surface even when wet or greasy. Learn more

ALLProtect Red

Allprotect Red mechanical aircraft protection
Allprotect Red for High Visibility protection

ALLProtect Red is a highly visible protection solution designed to improve the safety and preventative risk standards on any job site. This is the same product exactly as ALLProtect Original – a highly absorbent, padded non-woven that is impermeable to harsh chemicals with a self-stick backing that is easy to apply and creates a non-slip surface. Learn more

ALLProtect White

padded vertical wood floor window and glass protection
Allprotect White for Window protection

ALLProtect White is a transparent option with the same adhesive backing for vertical surface protection, Swiss-engineered for UV protection that was design for window protection that can still let in natural light while covered. Coming soon

Custom Protection Solutions

We customize protection solutions to fit our customers job site specs exactly. Increase job site safety with no-cut tear-away Perforated Allprotect rolls. Add your own free marketing to the job site with custom logo printing on Vapor breathable rolls (featured below protecting finished Walnut floors while electrical work is going on).


Vapor and ALLProtect White are also available with free logo printing. Printed products are custom-made to order. Call your representative or inquire here on the website for details regarding product minimums and how to buy.   

Perforated Rolls

ALLProtect Original is also available in a perforated version. Perforations are factory-made every 19.6″ (50cm) to give the user the possibility to tear, instead of cut, smaller pieces for smaller projects. This option for ALLProtect Original is a time saver and safety feature that eliminates the need for sharp cutting tools.  Get in touch below to inquire about current availability and pricing. 

“The product speaks for itself. We gave samples to our top builders and trained our staff to be knowledgeable about the products. SurfaceLiner Vapor started flying off our shelves with little to no marketing or advertising efforts.”   

Brian Bolyard, Bolyard Lumber, Birmingham, MI

“We have builders using our products in almost every state and country in North America, and we’re proud to offer the highest quality products on the market. We’ll continue to push the envelope and bring new solutions to improve the safety and efficiency on any job site. Wait ’til you see what’s next!” 

Mary Altman, Director of Sales, SurfaceLiner+