When we introduced ALLProtect to the Aviation Industry in 2015, it passed very rigorous testing at MRO facilities and OEM service centers, both in high heat and high humidity conditions on windows, interiors, airframe and leading edge surfaces. Soon we were supplying aviation companies of all sizes with padded mechanical protection because it is easy to use, cost-efficient and doesn’t leave a residue, which was just what the industry needed. 

Not only does ALLProtect create a safe, non-slip work surface (even when wet or greasy), we learned that harsh chemicals like Skydrol and landing gear fluids do not go through the impermeable material.

ALLProtect is used in aircraft and rotorcraft production, maintenance, inspections and upgrades, and it is now available in various colors, roll sizes and thickness options, as well as aircraft-specific kits and custom cuts.     

Temporary Protection Solutions for Aviation

ALLProtect Original

ALLProtect is a padded, highly absorbent, extremely durable (reusable) protection solution for heavy-traffic areas on the aircraft, inside and out. The self-stick backing allows for a quick, easy, one-man application, an exact, edge-to-edge fit on vertical surfaces, stairs, and the top of the aircraft for a non-slip work surface even when wet or greasy.    

ALLProtect Red

ALLProtect Red  is a highly visible protection solution designed to improve the safety and preventative risk standards on any job site. This is the same product as ALLProtect Original in a safety red color – a highly absorbent, padded non-woven that is impermeable to harsh chemicals with a self-stick backing that is easy to apply and creates a non-slip surface.

Custom Protection Solutions

We customize protection solutions to fit your project specifications exactly, with pre-cut pieces for areas of frequent use, such as Leading Edge Protection Kits and Air Stair Protection Kits.


ALLProtect Original, ALLProtect Red and ALLProtect White are also available in custom cuts. Do you have large quantities of fixed sizes and shapes that are needed to protect specific parts? Custom cut pieces can be  factory-made and pre-packaged in kits for specific dimensions and shapes. Custom cuts offer quick onsite fitting while saving excessive time and labor costs. Custom cut kits are custom-made to order. Get in touch below to inquire about lead times  and pricing.   

Perforated Rolls

ALLProtect Original is also available in a perforated version. Perforations are factory-made every 19.6″ (50cm) to give the user the possibility to tear, instead of cut, smaller pieces for smaller projects. This option for ALLProtect Original is a time saver and safety feature that eliminates the need for sharp cutting tools.  Get in touch below to inquire about current availability and pricing. 

This is the best product I’ve used in 34 years.  It provides damage control from falling objects, and gives us a sense of security when operating inches from the aircraft… it’s everything you all advertised it to be.

Maintenance Chief Inspector, Business Aircraft Private Fleet

We use ALLProtect in all departments (paint, cabinetry, delta fins, windows) when an aircraft comes in for maintenance. We find that it gives us, and the customer, the added protection while their aircraft is in our hands. The product applies easily and doesn’t leave residue. I highly recommend using ALLProtect for any maintenance event you may have.

Aircraft Team Leader, West Star Aviation

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