ALLProtect Red

For enhanced visibility and safety.

ALLProtect RED for a safer work environment

ALLProtect Red is a highly visible protection solution designed to improve the safety and preventative risk standards on any job site. 

This reusable covering is padded, highly absorbent, and extremely durable for heavy-traffic areas on floors, stairs, and elevated surfaces. The self-stick backing allows for a quick, easy, one-man application, an exact, edge-to-edge fit on vertical surfaces and stairs, and a non-slip work surface even when wet or greasy.



  • highly visible areas
  • sensitive surfaces
  • hazardous zones
  • wet or slippery jobs


  • instant visual alert
  • helps prevent accidents
  • reusable many times
  • one-man job to apply


  • Large Roll: 40″ x 82′
    • 269 square feet
  • Half-width Rolls: 20” x 82’
    • Two rolls per pack
  • Complete Stair Kit: (3) 24” x 82’ and (1) 2.5” x 82’
    • 4 rolls per kit

“We’re really excited about ALLProtect RED. The enhanced safety and contrasting colors are important to our organization and our customers. ALLProtect is already a staple protection in our hangars, and the new RED will work very well on sensitive areas for better visibility.”

Darwin Godemann, Master Technician, Duncan Aviation


 WILL THE RED COLOR BLEED? No, it’s not dyed red. The manufacturing process is exactly the same as ALLProtect Original. The red and grey fibers are made from red and grey polypropylene granules, which are heated and pressed into thin, silk-like fibers that are the raw material for the non-woven top layer of ALLProtect.

WHY RED? The red color draws immediate attention to the most sensitive surfaces of your project. The red color is an instant visual cue alerting mechanics and subcontractors that ALLProtect is a temporary surface protection that must be removed before flight or general use.

HOW DOES THE RED COLOR PROTECT PEOPLE FROM FALLING? With the adhesive backing and padded absorbent top layer, ALLProtect creates a safe, non-slip surface – for example, to line the top of the aircraft for avionics work, or for use on stairs, where mechanics or subcontractors carry heavy objects in and out of the aircraft or jobsite.