SurfaceLiner+ offers Swiss-made protection solutions for both indoor and outdoor, temporary and long-term applications. Our products are reusable, made from highly durable materials that protect surfaces from mechanical damage and liquid spills, while maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.  Not sure what you need, or how it fits into your budget? Get in touch below.

Solutions with a “wow” factor

At SurfaceLiner+, we bring Swiss-made surface protection products to professionals who value their time and assets and want the best protection solutions available today.

Vapor breathable protection

Innovative and Creative

We have the ability to customize protection solutions to fit your project specifications exactly, from logo printing and pre-cut pieces for frequent use to entire protection kits that cover every inch of a work site, whether that is an aircraft inside and out, a yacht or a workboat, a new build or a remodel.

LONG TERM Partnerships

We work with a wide network of distributor partners. Learn more about training opportunities, sampling programs, and ongoing support that we offer to foster long term partnerships. 

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