Introducing innovative protection solutions for Pets! The same award-winning Swiss-made protective material used to protect surfaces on jet aircraft, mega yachts, new construction and remodels, is now available for pet owners who want to protect their homes and protect their pets!

ALLProtect can be used indoor/outdoor, for vertical and horizontal heavy traffic areas, and can easily be folded down a flight of stairs or molded around railings. Because it’s waterproof, highly absorbent and stays put with the self-stick backing, it’s a safe surface for your pets that will protect from any messes. Vacuum safe, easy to apply and reapply.   

Solutions for Pet Owners

ALLProtect Original

ALLProtect is a padded, highly absorbent, extremely durable (reusable) protection solution for heavy-traffic areas, stairs, entryways and anywhere you need extra protection. It’s easy to cut and has a self-stick backing that allows for a quick & easy application that stays put.    

ALLProtect Red

ALLProtect Red  is a highly visible protection solution now available in Swiss Red. Like ALLProtect Original, it’s highly absorbent, padded and impermeable to spills while creating a safe, non-slip surface.

Perforated Rolls

ALLProtect Original is also available in a perforated version. Perforations are factory-made every 19.6″ (50cm) to give the user the possibility to tear, instead of cut, smaller pieces for smaller projects. This option for ALLProtect Original is a time saver and safety feature that eliminates the need for sharp cutting tools. 

“To protect wood, fabric panels, leather and all high traffic areas on our yacht, we highly recommend ALLProtect. Installation is easy, fast and much better than anything else we have worked with before. It cuts easily to fit any size and can mold around sharp edges. It has become our trusted source to protect the most sensitive areas of our yacht.”

Chief Stewardess, Sailing Yacht M5 

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