Today’s Building Challenges and Surface Solutions

stain and finish spill on hardwood floor

Building demands today are more complicated than ever before, along with rising costs of materials, rising costs of labor, not to mention all of the safety and PPE requirements now in place since the pandemic.

You might find that the architect has specified that the floors go into the project much earlier than ever before. In modern architectural designs, the floor often goes in before the drywall, for that clean finish without a baseboard or quarter round.

When the floor goes in that early, sometimes months or years before the project is complete, the right protection can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. There is no staining or finishing to cover up any mistakes at the end of the project.

SurfaceLiner Vapor and ALLProtect products last for months on a jobsite and do not need to be replaced.  

If you’re using cardboard or plastic for protection, you’re wasting time and money.  Cardboard products need to be replaced every two weeks or more, even if they don’t get wet. If they get wet, cardboard needs to be replaced immediately.  

SurfaceLiner products are Swiss-made, last for months without tearing, slipping or allowing the surface underneath to get wet since both Vapor and ALLProtect are waterproof and made of durable, non-woven material with highly specialized backings that make them easily applicable.  

With SurfaceLiner products, the installation time is shortened with our user friendly products.  

Vapor is reverse-wound, so you can kick it out along the floor in seconds, overlapping and taping the seams with any kind of packaging tape – no special tape is required.  

ALLProtect does not require any tape at all with its self-stick adhesive backing. Whether you’re protecting a glass vertical surface, or carpeted stairs, ALLProtect will stay put for months and not need to be replaced.  

Not only are these products highly durable, they can be reused.  Both Vapor and ALLProtect can be swept and even vacuumed while installed, keeping the job site clean and safe.  Before pulling up the protection, give it one last clean, and reroll it up and save for another job.  

Customers report that they can reuse these materials anywhere from two to five times and sometimes more!  You can take a piece from the hardwood stairs on one job, and take it to another job to be the heavy traffic runner outside, for a highly absorbent dirt trap.  

The next time you find yourself in a complicated building situation, or to improve the safety of your job site with the best surface protection on the market, find SurfaceLiner Vapor and ALLProtect reusable job site protection products at a building supply store near you.  

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